Spruce Creek Rules & Policies


Welcome! Our desire is that all campers enjoy their stay with us....

So , to reach that goal, we have put in place the following guidelines which are strictly enforced.

General Requirements - Violation of any campground rule/policy is grounds for immediate eviction without refund.  (SCCG, LLC reserves the right to change rules/requirements at any time without notice.)

• Monthly/Seasonal Reservations can be requested at any time, however, 30 days prior to the date requested full payment must be received or reservation will be canceled.  Acceptable payment methods include cash, checks, credit or debit cards.  

• Renters must be a minimum age of 18.  All renters must register any guests and number of guests per site is limited.  Renters must be in attendance throughout the entire time of the rental agreement.  All children under 7 must be accompanied or supervised by an adult at all times.

• Campsite occupancy is limited to 5 campers (other immediate family members may be permitted).  Sites are restricted to individuals or families for the purpose of recreational camping only.  A dining canopy or screen house may be erected.  If tenting or using rugs for more than one week on grassy sites, tent/rug must be moved to another location on the site to prevent grass-kill.  Only one RV and one vehicle, or 2 vehicles allowed per pad.  No sheds or storage boxes are allowed.

• Creek Use -  All water activities are at campers’ own risk. NO LIFEGUARDS ARE ON DUTY.

• All buildings are non-smoking.  Smoking is prohibited within 50 feet of pavilion, playground, main entrances, exits, operable windows, and fuel tanks of all buildings. 

• Parking -There is no parking on roads.  All campers and guests must park either on their rented site-pad or in the parking lots by the main building or bath house.  Violators not following request to move will have vehicle towed at owner’s expense.  No ATVs are allowed on SCCG property (other than on roadways to and from rented site) at any time.

• Driving/Speed limit - Due to underground water/power lines, there is no driving/parking anywhere except on roads and pads.  Speed limit is 5 mph. 


• Personal property outside of RV must be kept within the perimeter of the site.  No clothes lines are permitted.  Clothes bars/racks are acceptable.

• RVs and accompanying vehicles must be kept clean, well maintained, operable and moveable at all times.  No repair work, maintenance work, or vehicle washing is permitted at any time.  Current registration sticker must be affixed to RV.   

• Sewer (black and gray water) valves, hoses, and connections must be in good operating condition and with no leaks.  Black/gray water must be drained into sewer receptacles.  None may be discharged on the ground at any time.  No feminine products, paper towels, wipes, grease, or anything other than human waste should be deposited in sewer system.  

* Alcohol Policy - SCCG is not liable for any incident, injury (including death or property damage) relating to the consumption of alcohol.  No alcohol may be left unattended or left out on picnic tables. All alcohol must be placed in camper or locked vehicles during overnight hours.  Renters must ensure that no underage drinking is allowed on their site, as well as ensure the safety and sobriety of all guests.  Police will be called if anyone under 21 is found to be drinking.

• Noise/Behavior -  Noise levels shall not impact any others at SCCG.  Quiet hours are from 10:00 pm to 7:00 a.m. and are strictly enforced.  All children must be on their campsites or with parents/guardians during this time.  Bike riding is limited to between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and dusk.  Noise emitting equipment, bright lights, and/or loud voices are not permitted during this time.  We ask all renters to please respect their neighbors.  Note:  The management will evict any renter or guest of renter should there be a call to management or to 911 due to threatening, unruly, unsafe, or destructive behavior.  

• Pets - Proof of a valid rabies inoculation must be provided before any dog is allowed on the campground.  Rabies certificate or tag dated for current year are acceptable forms of proof.  Pets are not allowed in any building.  Pets cannot be left unattended.  Barking or vicious dogs will be removed from the campground.  Pets must be walked on a leash (maximum 6’) while outside the RV or tent and under control at all times.  Pet owners must also properly dispose of animals’ excrement.

• Fireworks - No person shall set off fireworks.  This is a state law.

• Contact sports may be played in designated areas.  Bocce ball, volleyball, & basketball equipment can be signed out at the office.

• Firearm - No person shall discharge any type of firearms at any time on the premises.

• Loud Equipment - No use of power tools or equipment – including generators or chain saws is allowed after 6PM.

• Cases of Injury/damage - Please notify SCCG management immediately if an incident occurs that has caused an injury or damage to another camper’s equipment.  If injury is serious, dial 911 immediately.

• Wood/Fires - All fires must be built within the on-site fire pit provided and all burning wood should fit, and be kept completely within, fire pit.  No fire shall be started until all nearby flammable materials have been removed.  Firewood cannot be gathered on SCCG except from dead and/or downed trees/branches.  No fires shall be left unattended or left burning overnight.  No burning of plastics, glass, or metal.  

• Trash/Recycle - All trash should be removed from outside site daily (especially after the evening meal) and be deposited in dumpster to prevent attraction of wildlife as well as to provide for a pleasurable camping experience for all!  Place trash/refuse in the provided receptacles.  Disposing of trash in laundry or bath house is prohibited.  Prior to departure, campers must collect and dispose of all personal trash.  

• Phones -  We are located in the foothills of the Adirondacks so your cell phone may not receive service.  A landline is available for emergencies.  The store/office phone number is 315-429-3650.