Pavilion Rental



Our partially enclosed pavilion is available for reunions, showers, graduations, receptions, team building activities, off-site meetings/traings, and group camping events.   We'd love to host your next event on our beautiful setting!


The pavilion is centrally located on the campground, conveniently within feet of the heated, wheelchair accessible bath house, the playground, horseshoes, basketball, volley ball, & bocce ball.  It houses 7 picnic tables which seat approximately 60 people,  The enclosed section incudes a raised area to be used for a stage, presentations, or head table and a small kitchen area with counter top, cold water 2-bowl sink, cupboards, and 18 cubic foot refrigerator.  The pavilion is fully lighted and has two electric outlets available for small appliances, etc.  There is a platform for a grill (not provided)  within the pavilion, or larger cooking equipment can be used in the grassy area between the parking lot and the pavilion.   There is also a large fire pit just outside for campfire songs or stories.  Rental fee includes use of dumpster for deposit of event trash only.    


Parking is limited to 30 vehicles.  We have 3 parking lots available, each holding approximately 10 vehicles.  One is directly adjacent to the pavilion, the others are at the campground entrance.  Guests may choose to use 1 or 2 of their vehicles to shuttle those parked further away.  Car pooling is advised whenever possible.  



Pavilion rental - $75 + $50 deposit (refundable) Pavilion and bathhouse must be left clean and without damage to receive refund of deposit.  NO PES ARE ALLOWED WITH PAVILION RENTAL


Call:  315-429-3650    or     e-mail:

Pavilion Rental Agreement, Rules and Policies

Spruce Creek Campgrounds LLC Pavilion Rental Agreement

Pavilion rental fee ($75 + $50 refundable security deposit) includes use of the lighted pavilion (60 max capacity), parking for 30 vehicles in parking lots, 8 picnic tables, sink with cold water, refrigerator, bathhouse, fire pit, area for grill (not provided), 120-amp electricity, (please conserve water and electricity; no continuous running water is allowed), use of dumpster (for event trash only), shared playground, playing fields, and open areas.  NO PETS ARE ALLOWED WITH PAVILION RENTAL.  Pavilion and bathhouse must be left clean and without damage in order to receive refund of deposit. 

Reservation Date: _________Number of Participants (60 persons/20 vehicles max): _______ 

Purpose of Rental: ________________Reservation Time (10 a.m. – 9 p.m. max)____________

Contact Name: _____________________Organization: _________________________

Telephone (H) _______________ (C) _________________ (Email): ________________

Contact Address: Street___________________________________________________ 

City ___________________ State _____ Zip ________ 

Refund address (if different): Street__________________________________________ 

City ___________________ State _____ Zip ________ 

Entertainment/Caterer/DJ:  □Yes □No   Name:_________________________________    

 Alcohol: □Yes □No If yes, Responsible person: _______________________________ 

 Setup Info:____________________________________________________________

The undersigned assures that all information on this Agreement is accurate. The undersigned will comply with the Spruce Creek Campgrounds LLC (SCCG) rules and regulations and will be responsible for damages or injuries to persons or property resulting from inadequate supervision or carelessness on the part of the users especially if alcohol is consumed. Spruce Creek Campgrounds LLC reserves the right to cancel this contract for a sufficient and stated reason. The rental individual/group has read & understands all SCCG rules & regulations as they relate to this rental contract and with contract signature agrees to abide by all. 

Renter’s Print Name: ___________________Renter’s Signature: ______________________

Date: _______________ Deposit_______Security________ Amount Due ______________

Owner’s Signature: ________________________________________Date: __________

Spruce Creek Campground (SCCG), LLC. Rules and Policies (Pavilion Rental)

Welcome!  We hope you enjoy your visit. 

Please let us know if we can assist you in any way.

The following policies have been put into place to ensure the enjoyment of the campground for all renters and campers: 

• General Requirements - Violation of any campground rule/policy is grounds for immediate eviction without refund.  (SCCG, LLC reserves the right to change rules/requirements at any time without notice.)

• Reservations can be requested at any time, however, 30 days prior to the date requested full payment must be received or reservation will be canceled with no refund of deposit.  Acceptable payment methods include cash or checks.

• Renters must be a minimum age of 18.  Pavilion rental is at renter’s own risk.  Renters or renters’ representative must be in attendance throughout the entire time of the rental agreement.  All children under 7 must be accompanied by an adult in bathhouses.

• Phones -  We are located in the foothills of the Adirondacks so your cell phone may not receive service.  A landline is available for emergencies.  The store/office phone number is 315-429-3650.  

• All buildings are non-smoking.  Smoking is prohibited within 50 feet of main entrances, exits, operable windows, and fuel tanks of all buildings. 

• Parking -There is no parking on roads or on sites.  All renters and guests must park in the parking lots by the main building or bath house.  Violators will be towed at renter’s expense.  No ATVs are allowed on SCCG with pavilion rental.

• Personal property should be secured by renters and guests at all times.  Management is not responsible for lost or stolen property.

• Speed limit - On all campground roads, the speed limit is 5 mph.   PLEASE WATCH FOR CHILDREN!

• Alcohol Policy - SCCG is not liable for any incident, injury (including death or property damage) relating to the consumption of alcohol.  No alcohol may be left unattended or left out on picnic tables. Renters must ensure that no underage drinking is allowed as well as ensure the safety and sobriety of all guests.  Police will be called if anyone under 21 is found to be drinking.

• Noise/Behavior -  Noise levels and behavior shall not impact any others at SCCG.   We ask all renters to please respect their neighbors. Note:  The management will evict any renter or guest of renter should there be a call to management or to 911 due to excessively loud, threatening, unruly, unsafe, or destructive behavior.  

• No pets are allowed with pavilion rental.

• Fireworks - No person shall set off fireworks.  This is a state law.

• Contact sports must be played in designated areas.  Basketball, Bocce Ball, Volleyball, and Horseshoe pits are available on a first-come, first-served basis and equipment must be signed out at the office.

• Creek Use – All water activities are at renters’ own risk.  No lifeguards are on duty.

• Firearms - No person shall be in the possession of, or discharge any type of firearms at any time on the premises.

• Cases of Injury - Please notify SCCG management immediately if an incident occurs that has caused an injury.  If injury is serious, dial 911 immediately.

• Wood/Fires - All fires must be built within the pavilion fire pit provided and all burning wood should fit, and be kept completely within, fire pit.  No fire shall be started until all nearby flammable materials have been removed.  Firewood cannot be gathered on SCCG except from dead and/or downed trees.  No fires shall be left unattended or left burning overnight.  No burning of plastics, glass, or metal.  

• Trash/Recycle - Place trash/refuse in the provided receptacles.  All trash must be removed from pavilion and surrounding area and be deposited in dumpster.  By NYS law, it is not permitted to discard any electronic equipment in dumpster.  Disposing of trash in laundry or bath house is prohibited.    Recycle deposit bottles and cans in barrel provided, if not being removed from campground.